Monthly Sightings

Marsh Tit photographed in Lowick Pocket Park

July/August 2020

Very little opportunities for getting out at this time due to holidays and family commitments.

A short visit to Cumbria enabled me to locate the nesting Ospreys (with chicks) in the Rusland Valley.

My only other real outing was a visit at the end of August to my BBS square SP 9383.
Despite the calm, sunny conditions there was very little actvity in the hedgerows, just the usual birds seen with good flocks of House Sparrow, Goldfinch and Starling.

Kinewell Lake, Ringstead
December 2019

June 2020

Some nice walks around Lowick, but no new species. Finally spotted some swifts when visiting Aldwincle village.

Only two new species added to my year list this month (now standing at a rather miserable 76):

I carried out my BBS visit to SP 9383 on the 23rd. The weather was good to me this time ans a total 28 species were seen. Some new species for the venue included Greater Spotted Woodpecker and Lapwing (evidence of breeding).

My first BBS at SP 9678 on 16th was unfortunately spoilt by the weather. A very misty morning which did not clear until after I had returned home. Still, a nice walk and 24 species seen. Hopefully I will get to re-visit the route soon and have a better day.

I checked the nest box again this month but there does not seem to have been further usage unfortunately.

Red Kite
Often seen around the farm
at SP9383, seen on BBS Survey

May 2020

A 'ring-tail' Harrier (probably a Hen Harrier) was sighted over the village early in the afternoon of the 5th. It was only a quick sighting as it moved away but the white rump and long barred tail was very evident.

A nice early morning walk around my local patch on 8th resulted in 34 species being seen or heard, including my second Cuckoo of the year. Later that day, sitting in the garden I caught sight of a pair of Hobbies flying overhead, a first for my garden.

A walk around SP9383 mid month produced 33 different species. That is a good number of species for the square but there were not the overall number of birds present, especially corvids.

New species added to my year list (now standing at a lowly 74) this month were:
Greylag Goose
Mistle Thrush
Green Woodpecker

I checked the nest box, in the Pocket Park, early in the month and there were 6 nestlings present (Blue Tits). A further check towards the end of the month found only an empty box so hopefully they all fledged safely.

Hopefully I will be getting out and about a bit more in June, especially carrying out my BBS Surveys and hopefully visiting one or two venues with water.

Nest Box in the Pocket Park

Blue Tit photographed in the Pocket Park (2017)

April 2020

Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, there were no WeBS or BBS surveys carried out for the BTO this month. Walks have been restricted to the bridleways and footpaths around Lowick. As expected this resulted in only a few additions to my annual list.

The feeders in my small garden did not produce anything new but the House Martins returned to their nests next door.

New species added to my year list (now standing at 68) this month were:

House Martin

I once again checked the nest box I put up last year in the Pocket Park, towards the end of the month, and there were 7 Blue Tit eggs present. I'm hopeful that these will hatch and fledge this year.

Hoping to be able to visit some different venues later in May.

(from 2018)

March 2020

Visit to SP9383 gave some good sightings, Blackcap, several Greenfinch and over 200 Fieldfare amongst 26 different species seen.

Whilst doing my dog walking around Aldwincle Village on several evenings early in the month I heard what appeared to be two Tawny Owls calling but no sightings were made.

From mid-month onwards walks have been restricted to the local footpaths and fields in the Lowick area. Unfortunately, to date, this has limited the number of species seen. Chiffchaffs were heard in the wooded area for the first time this year and a Goldcrest was found along the road by the Pocket Park.

New species added to my year list (now standing at 63) this month were:

Marsh Tit
Tawny Owl

I checked the nest box I put up last year in the Lowick Pocket Park and although there was no nest present there was some fresh moss, so I remain hopeful.

For April, local walks will be the order of the day, probably throughout the month, so we will have to hope that some spring migrants visit the area.

on the garden nyjer seed feeder (February)

with Blue Tit taken in our Garden (January)

February 2020

A good start to the month on my local patch at Lowick with a Grey Wagtail sighted in an area of rough ground on the farmland, 200 yds from the small Harpers Brook that runs through the village.

A Goldfinch managed to find my garden Nyjer feeder, otherise lots of regular birds on the feeders but nothing really notable.

Seeing raptors (Red Kite, Buzzzard, Kestrel and Sparrowhawks) regularly on my dog walking trips around Aldwincle Village (not Titchmarsh) but no Peregrine on the Church Steeple as yet.

Added a new square to my BTO BBS list, SP9678.  Fairly similar to my local Lowick patch and my other BBS square SP9383 so it will be interesting to see how they compare.

Just 8 new species added this month, some new venues in March may help the year list along.

Common Gull
Grey Wagtail
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Meadow Pipit


Grey Heron

January 2020

A quiet month, mailny spent on local patches at Lowick, Brigstock and Aldwinckle (Village only). I also carried out the monthly BTO WeBS count at Hardingstone Gravel Pit (Delapre), Northampton.

51 species in total, the highlight coming at the end of the month when a Lesser Redpoll visited the Nyjer feeder in our garden.

Barn Owl
Black-headed Gull
Blue Tit
Canada Goose
Carrion Crow
Collared Dove
Great Crested Grebe
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Tit
Grey Heron
Herring Gull
House Sparrow
Lesser Redpoll
Little Egret
Little Grebe
Long-tailed Tit
Mute Swan
Pied/White Wagtail
Red Kite
Red-legged Partridge
Reed Bunting
Feral Pigeon
Song Thrush
Tufted Duck

Lesser Redpoll


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